Volunteers are the heart of our organization. Volunteering can be a valuable way to enhance your current skills, learn new ones and make new professional connections. Interested in volunteering? Find more information on our committees in the 2015-2016 Leadership Manual or contact the Director of Leadership & Volunteer Development, Molly Nelson. To apply to become a volunteer, fill out and submit the volunteer interest form.

Membership in MPI Carolinas Chapter is mandatory to serve as a committee volunteer.

If you are not a member, please contact the MPI-CC office at (704) 377-5648 for information on how to join MPI-CC.


"The MPI Carolinas Chapter has been the number one source of education and networking for me. As a meeting planner, I am always looking for new ideas and better ways to do things. With the friends I’ve made over the years through MPI-CC, I can easily shoot an email to someone or pick up the phone to bounce around an idea. I’ve also used MPI-CC as a source for finding speakers and for session topics. Probably what stands out the most are the conversations I have with our members--planners and suppliers. We take time during the receptions and breakfasts to catch up not only on how work is going, but also on how WE are—how’s the family, how are the pets, how is our health (mental & physical!). It’s these conversations that make being a member of MPI-CC feel like being part of a family. When I miss a meeting, it feels like I’ve missed out on a reunion. The education and training are icing on the cake!"  

Ginny Fountain, CMP, CMM | North Carolina Association of Electric Cooperatives


“Serving on a committee for the MPI-Carolinas Chapter adds tremendous value to my membership as I am able to connect much deeper with my fellow members than simply seeing them at the meetings. When we collaborate as a team on various projects, it allows us to share knowledge while building trust and friendship. The saying, ‘you get what you give’ proves so true. If you put forth efforts volunteering for the greater good of the chapter, you’ll be amazed at what you get back.”

Mallory Middleton, CMP |


"What I find the value of volunteering for MPI-CC is that I am able to make a difference in the growth of the chapter by helping to grow our presence in social media and using that to inform and educate. We have such a diverse association and they need to get new information about the industry in various ways. It is an exciting time for the association and volunteering helps to attract other members like me that can see the value in the group and in turn want to volunteer to help continue the growth of the chapter."

Mica Parekh, CMP | IWP Photography & Video


"I am extremely excited to serve with the MPI-Carolinas Chapter. There are many benefits to volunteering, but a few stick out to me the most. Being able to serve in the community through the MPI-Carolina's Chapter affords me the great opportunity to give back and help bring joy to others. Creating joy for others exceed sharing with those who are in need, but for people in general. Personally, giving back in this manner will allow me to gain greater sense of accomplishment, enable me to develop new experiences, and a deeper insight on a world outside of my own. I look forward to volunteering alongside my fellow MPI members who share the same passion, to building new friendships, stronger business partnerships, and much more.

In my opinion, service isn't something that gets tacked onto my schedule if there is time, but in my heart."

Jemeria Lawson | The Durham Hotel


"MPI has always been so important to me. I transferred to the Carolinas Chapter in 1996 from Philadelphia Chapter. I went for my first meeting knowing not one person and had no job. I joined a committee the first meeting and I have been fortunate to have served on several. Whether I was on a committee, Board of Directors, Chapter President, or serving on an International Committee, MPI has given me so much more than I have given to MPI.

MPI is Your MPI, get involved, and make the most of your membership. I believe in Buy MPI and I contact other MPI Chapters for resources when planning a meeting in other cities.

I value the knowledge, relationships, and growth that MPI has provided me.

Make the most of your MPI experience!"

Linda Ilsley, CMP | LPI Events